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Tractor of the week. Week 3: 240

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On 1/21/2023 at 10:34 AM, ny bill o said:

my 240 was a Chisholm Ryder tractor in its' first life. C-R serial number and all. No emblems, but all kinds of hydraulics. You can see the yellow paint showing thru in places. Farmer that had it turned it into a spraying tractor. Homemade seat supports are 2x4s.

I put the roll bar on, and later added a fast hitch from a 230. FH doesn't go down as far as would be nice for operation. I don't know if because hitch is from a 230 or what?



Is that fast hitch off of a utility? I might have emblems off the 240 utility I have unless they say utility on them.. 

18 minutes ago, Alan Dinan said:

Is that an IH mower in the last picture?

That’s a beautiful tractor!!

I might have a mower like that, I'd have to look at it closer when I walk by it 

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7 hours ago, Alan Dinan said:

Is that an IH mower in the last picture?

Brillion rotary chopper with the back covers off, I’d have to look at the owners manual again tomorrow to remember the model number. It’s currently in the shop torn to pieces. 

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14 hours ago, bitty said:

Is that fast hitch off of a utility? I might have emblems off the 240 utility I have unless they say utility on them.. 

No, its off a Farmall 230, so I was some disappointed that after switching it to the 240, the drawbar wouldn't go down far enough to hook up to a machine that had the hitch on the ground. Maybe its a C-R design difference, but both tractors look the same to me in the rear casting dep't. All the bolt holes lined up perfectly. My 240 has 12.4x36 tires which shouldn't make that much difference in lowering the hitch.

Think I got all the required emblems off a F240 parts tractor. Thanks.

After studying some of the other Farmall 240 pics, I see my steering wheel sticks up noticeably farther from the dash, which explains the 2x4 spacers under the seat. The 2x4s rest on a 5/8" or 3/4" plate that would seem to be the main mount for the C-R bean picker.

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This 240 is an ex Iowa DOT mowing tractor with the 5’ 110 mower.  The Highway Orange paint was still visible in spots.  
When I bought it in about 1981 it had a ROPS bar and canopy as well as a front tool box, a long box on the left side to hold spare sickles and a Kosch steering wheel, all of which I removed  

I used it to mow my yard, first with a Continental 5’ belly mower.  It steered very hard, so I added power steering.  Added next was a Speeco three point hitch, a Woods mower and a rear blade for the driveway.  In a moment of weakness it was sold in 2011.  I wish I still had it.  A handy little tractor.



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On 1/20/2023 at 4:06 PM, 55cub said:

Here is my '58 240. Slowly getting the bugs worked out of it. Funny but true story: last week my wife said she liked the looks of a farmall 240. I said well we've got one. She replied, no we don't. I said go look out in the garage, it's been there for 15 months!



That opens the door for a lot more purchase opportunities, she doesn't know what you have!

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I need to pay better attention around here.  I'm late to the party.


This was right after Brody made me buy a torque wrench.


We pulled my snap couple harrow around with Brody's 240 for a while.  Hooked it up with a clevis and had a ball riding in circles.

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