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Case IH 7120 3PT Hitch

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Hello everyone. i am working on my case 7120 and i have a problem with the hitch. It is currently stuck in the down position and i can not get it to raise. I had the code H3 but i unplugged the wire that goes through the floor to check that but it was good so i plugged it back in. Now i am only getting the F3 code. If anyone knows what i could do to possibly get my hitch back that would be great. 


The service guys at my local Case dealer wanted me to replace the 785$ hitch control module as that’s the only piece you can’t test but i want to explore my other options before i do that. Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you for reading and have a great day

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16 hours ago, Only RED in the shed said:

Is the rocker switch flashing also?when my 7140 acts up I flip the switch and it will go up sometimes.i think it resets the module but I could be wrong

No the switch is not flashing. Just the screen with the code. 

15 hours ago, Only RED in the shed said:

Or wiring connectors under cab on right side.mine were burnt and corroded.3 pt worked lot better after I repaired them.

I don’t think so. i pulled the plug all the way down and looked at it and they looked great. not even a speck of dust inside it. 

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Don't think I can be much help. Number one problem on those was load sensing pins. Should still work in position control. Number two was the linkage on rockshaft pot. Things get sticky and the lever slips. When that happens you lose travel one direction or the other. If it gets to far out you can't capture it and the light keeps blinking. You say the light does not blink. Does it work? Does the hitch move at all?

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