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Tractor of the week. Week 2: Super M


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Not sure if this is a Super M or not. At one time it was for sale but l don't know about now. There was a elderly man that would buy M's and rebuild them. Not for restoration but for use on smaller farms or use at cotton gins. At any given time, there would be 8 to 10 M's lined up by his shop that he had fixed. But later l heard he had died and the tractors started to disappear. l guess maybe his family had sold them. He also had a bunch of IH hit and miss one cylinder engines and IH power units.


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I have owned 2 M's, 1 SH and currently this SM.

Although not as pretty as the ones in the pics above it holds a place in my heart. 

When I couldn't afford much it came home and has been a workhorse ever since. 

It has had the snot worked out of it and only repairs was one clutch. 

Had live hyd and ps, I added a 3pt

I have neglected it when the 656 came home for two years it sat, when I needed a loader tractor to leave at a far away stackyard it was my girl. 

Went to start it up and it was locked up, drop the starter rock the flywheel a bit and hit the starter, popped right off and ran like a champ. 

I could go on, big family history with it. 



All three of my boys learned how to drive on it. 



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My super M that hasn't run since 1988 or 1987 since it's previous owner died. Family that owned it kept it sheded the whole time except a short period where it sat outside while they were moving things around redoing a barn. Unfortunately in that short time it appears they didn't cover the exhaust as number 4 is rusty and it is stuck!!. Just got an engine for it though.

super m.jpg

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Here’s my 2  Super M’s both 53’s the one with a loader is a belly pump delete with live hydraulics and Charlyn power steering. The one covered up is a Louisville with a M&W hand clutch on it both have 14.9x38 tires the loader tractor is loaded with 8 wheel weights on the back and a 3” thick plate of steel hanging under the draw bar the hydraulics are slow for the loader but sure beats a shovel and wheelbarrow. The Louisville had been flipped over getting loaded on a trailer when I got it I fixed up what was wrong and put a wide front under it and now it sits 








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Here is picture of the super m we just acquired. It has been on the farm since 1978 or so but we just acquired ownership outright of it. Missing a couple pieces right now but will be running this summer. No power steering but live hydraulics tractor runs like a top when complete. 


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Here are my 4 Super Ms.

The 1952 Super M that started it all. I believe that the paint on the hood is original. Purchased from my neighbor,  George.  He bought it new in the spring of 52.


1953 Stage 1 Super M.  Purchased from my neighbor Butch. I plan to mount a model 33 loader on this tractor eventually. 



1953 Stage 2 Super M.  Has a unique paint job!  Purchased from the brother in law of the original owner south of Ottumwa.  His sister had it serviced and tuned up once a year at Greiner Implement after her husband died.


My 1954 Super MTA.  Purchased from Colfax Tractor Parts several years before I worked there.    This tractor will be at the Roundup that Iowa is hosting in Spencer, June of 2024!


When it first came home.


Last spring. 

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