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Where do you find your emblems?


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The question is in the title!

What do you think of this emblem: https://www.steinertractor.com/IHS767-International-Emblem-Side-Tractor-Emblem-Fits-IH-756-856-1256-More

As I can see, it looks nice on the pics, but in real?

And I will also need two side emblem "farmall 756" and it is soooooo expensive!!! 😲 OEM ref is #2753966R1





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  • François02 changed the title to Where do you find your emblems?

That Emblem Guy ..... Jeff Foreman 

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As bitty said, Jeff Foreman would be your best bet. He also restores the emblems as well. He could probably redo yours instead of having to get new ones. If you’re wanting to get new ones and not spend as much, he offers a composite emblem instead of the factory one. Pretty much identical to factory with just alittle difference and cheaper in price. 

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Reproduction INTERNATIONAL side emblems are available for about US$100 from many sources online.

The FARMALL 756 emblems are not reproduced on a mass scale. Only place to get new ones is probably... three guesses and the first two don't count... Jeff Foreman. 

If you've got the originals you can clean and paint them. Get yourself one of those little "touch up paint" packages with the small vial of paint and the small brush in it. Or you can go professional and get some pinstriping brushes.

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I can have the international emblems for the same price as you have in the US, the part comes from steiner too, that is why I am searching feedback from people who bought them

for the 756 emblems, I can ship them, I see about 30€ (US$30) for the shipping from france to the US. Just to know how does it cost to repair them and the return shipping

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23 hours ago, François02 said:

TIA as you say

You are doing better than I... I just thought there were a bunch of ladies named Tia looking for info!

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