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Please help identify this T6 attachment


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There are two reasons I suspect that this was an IH supplied unit. One, the water transfers on the side of the hard nose, two, I have seen that push frame on a TD14, reversed, to pull a tool bar (though neither one of those is definitive evidence).What I need to know is if anyone  thinks this is an IH part, and would it show up in the special attachments catalog. 
   I need to fabricate the horizontal pieces along the hood that were torched off, and I wanted to see what the lift cylinders are supposed to look like. There is still some evidence of the radius where they cut the sides off, looks like they hung down pretty low, to like just above the top of the coil.DFF6FDC5-82FB-4ABA-AC10-79DCBB9A8BD5.thumb.jpeg.6b847a0577011d3d87cac4b42c5f4ef8.jpeg94D7D65E-8234-4B84-A448-563B59B850F7.thumb.png.c48e59f3ea62c70c9777ccbbc6ced417.png16C98F61-4EAC-4931-A91B-FFABEF9DB3FD.thumb.jpeg.35b3e6f8707bee0de42ddaef5d1c2018.jpeg

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Binderoid, What I see is a T-6 with a farm blade not sure it is original could have been added at some time. Also Has Live hydraulic pump not sure that is original either.

The front brush guard is off another machine and was hacked to put on T-6. Correct brush guard would sit around radiator and side had lower removable panel

made out of 3/16" plate and the large holes in top cover was where side curtains latched in. Hard to say what is what on a machine that is 70 years old.   

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Binderoid, you may want to go over to construction Equipment forum as the is a guy (1946 T-6 crawler) doing a very nice job redoing his T-6

would give you an idea what your would have looked like with out blade.  

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Binderoid, that is what we call a Stockton Works blade (IH had a farm and industrial manufacturing plant in Stockton California) IH may have made them in other states also. It is supposed to have turnbuckles on each side of the blade so you can angle the blade, at some point they welded a plate in place of the turnbuckle, that setup uses a 3-1/2" x 12" double acting cylinder. Here is a picture of your blade out of the Stockton Products catalog. Also a picture of the factory optional grill guard for the T/TD6. As oldiron29 said, over on the construction side there is a lot of T/TD 6 info.

IH Stockton works dozer-tool bar.jpg

IH TD6 grill guard.jpg

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