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The hi, lo shaft is probably worn bad, like all of them are. Great time to remove range cover and fix. Won't need any special tools to remove and replace, just remove the all wheel drive cover and let the reverse shaft come off with the range cover. When you remove it the reverse collar will come out. Just need someone to help install the range cover while holding the reverse collar in place so the shaft can slide into it. Pretty straightforward

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Yours does not have the lower fuel tank that some 86s had, that will make your range cover reinstall much much easier. I'd pull the rectangular reverse cover off the LH side and hold the reverse arm up as you slide the cover off before I tried to leave the reverse shaft in the tractor and line things back up going together. On a tractor with the bottom tank that isn't a very easy option. 

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14 hours ago, Vanstractors said:

Found where o lot of excess play in the HI-LO Shifter is .By the time it gets to the Lever it,s quite a bit .Wedge and socket have got to be tighter to keep lever from hitting the Range Cover before it,s in gear.

IMG_5534 (1).jpg


Weld up and grind down that taper to make a nice fit.    That will help a lot too.

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12 minutes ago, Vanstractors said:

TA back in shifters repaired ,Anybody have any luck in finding the skirt that goes around bottom of seat ?K and M doesn,t offer anything .Down to something local .Hate to leave it open with a new seat .



I have the part number in my shop for that seat skirting,  I will get it tomorrow for you

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