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184 Lo-Boy


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Just got this one yesterday, --- Really rough but has possibilities. I think I have enough parts to fix it so the challenge is on!! LOL!! My plan is to take the 3-pt. off the broken frame 154 and the creeper gear, steering box, steering bell crank, and complete pto unit off of parts 185.

Motor in this one was stuck a bit  but I got it loose fairly easy. motor oil is black and almost empty so motor is probably toast. Could put the 185 motor in it if I had to,--at least the block. I like the starter and alternator  setup on these,---NO belt drive starter! anyway a couple pix of the project as it sits in the trailer. Mower is fixable IF you wanted one --which I dont so it went on the junk pile for now. it has good blades, bearings, pulleys, etc. The shell needs some patches welded on it and it would be good to use. I mow with the Z-Force 48 so I dont need mowers on the 154, 185, or the 184.

The parts on the 154 and 185 look like they are the same so thats the plan. If you know for sure , let me know. The 184 is a bit different in some areas than the others but look to be minor.




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1 see your grille is missing, if your looking for one we have new poured aluminum ones.


Left is 82 series cadets, next is for 184 and large for 66 series farm tractors.  All poured aluminum, no plastic


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