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What does every guy say after strapping down a load


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3 hours ago, 1256pickett said:

When I used to work at a lumber yard I saw some crazy things but never that bad. Close but not quite. 

Worked at a home improvement store in college.  Couple were remodeling and bought a bunch of stuff including about 1200 square feet of floor tile.  They wanted it loaded onto a homemade single axle trailer.  Told them it would be better if they made 2 trips.  Guy didn’t listen.  Kept loading on more tile.  Snapped the trailer axel in the back lot.  I worked inside so I let the yard guys handle it and I didn’t want to stick around.

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11 hours ago, sandhiller said:

Yeah.......that ain't goin nowhere 😳😆🤣

715592-b064f6992756e4adb03b8ecc057fc8a4.gif.cce9bd27bd44bbb1a9d20fabfe83b82e.gifDarwin Award winner 

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A few years ago I was in the middle lane of a freeway running 65 MPH. Pickup truck with stuff in the rear including a construction wheel barrow pulled around me on the left to pass. When he came to my drivers door the wheel barrow caught the wind and came down along side me, bounced a few time and slide along. I quickly moved to the right lane and traveled on, a little worse for wear but that's live in California. 

I lost a 5 gallon bucket if used oil from the basket carrier on our old Suburban. It was not tied down, me thinking the oil was heavy enough  to stay inn the basket when I got to the dump site the can was gone.

We all make bad decisions occasionally.

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I hauled a couch on the roof of my 81 ....Vette  ..... ok you're right it was a Chevette and my cousin rode on the couch . It was a mile away where we went and it was strapped down 😁

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