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What model do I have?


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Hi, I need help in identifying this tractor. It was sold to me as a 240. It looks more like a 2400, maybe 2400B. Its in rough shape, motor is locked and I need to buy manuals. I have read that it is close to either a 354 or a 364. It has a Bosch pump, 3 cylinder diesel. I have included some pictures along with a number I found on a tag, 266801 BSX. Any thoughts so I know what years manuals I need?








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Ok, Im not sure if that tag is still on the tractor. If it is, I have nooooo idea how I was stupid enough to miss it. The pictures I posted were from the ad for the tractor. I didnt take them. I hope the tag is still on the tractor but I have it in storage and wont be able to check until after Thanksgiving. Thank you for pointing it out to me. The seller had it listed as a 240. I think the 3 cylinder 2400b might have been around 54 hp. I pulled the injectors out and had water in one cylinder. Im soaking it for a month or so and will try a breaker bar on the crank. Ive rebuilt a CAV pump before but this one has a Bosch. Thats a new one to me. The steering wheel turns but the wheels dont. Im hoping it just needs fluid and a running engine for that. Im not sure what else is different from the A & B versions.

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It is definitely an Industrial version of the IH Doncaster, UK build Ag 454 or 464 which would be a 2400A or 2400B.
It has the heavy duty straight front axle that is common to the Industrial versions.
Depending on the application will determine how much modification that was done to the Ag model, tractor, backhoe and loader models had the most modifications to the AG model, just a loader had very little modifications and if it was used by a city, township or county for mowing grass then sometimes only the yellow paint was different.
The only difference between a 454 and 464 is the setting on the injection pump, they both have the German Neuss 3 cyl D-179 Diesel. The 454 was set at 40 PTO HP and the 464 was set at 45 PTO HP. The tractor power train part was made by IH in the Doncaster plant and shipped to on a skid to IH Louisville, KY, USA where the final assembly took place. If it has Made in the USA on the Serial Number plate then it was one of these "Skidded Units" completed at Louisville, KY. 
Re tag, 266801 BSX, the first set of numbers is the Serial number, the B = fast speed Transmission, S = 14:51 bevel gear ratio, X = for 611, 614 or 642 RPM single or dual speed PTO.
Re manuals, free UK manuals here: 


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Hi all. I finally made it up to where the tractor is stored. I have included 2 pics as well, one of the model plate and the other is from the bosch injector. It says its a 240 PL which I've read could mean a (Power loader) or (Pay Line) as stated by R190. Ive read it is close to a 454. It has the 1,2,3,4 straight shift lever on the side with a Hi, Low, Neutral selector. It has a 179D motor. 179DT2D410382 was located on the tractor as well. I need to get the service, parts number and operators manual but I cant find much info on a 240PL. Any advice??? I was trying to break free the stuck motor by pulling the tractor but it just rolls like it is in neutral, no matter where I put the shift levers. I presume it is a geared unit, it does have a clutch. I couldnt even find the HP or year of the unit online much less any other information.



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So far as I have determined the D179 is basically the same no matter where IH put it. They did have a turbo version in Europe.

I have only worked with a 464 but I would assume unless you have something weird if it has a clutch it is a manual transmission. There was a torque amplifier version, basically a 2 speed hydraulic gear box, but I have never seen one. That should be obvious because it has extra hoses / shifting levers.

Take a look at the shifting linkage on the FNR box, they get sloppy and have been known to stay in a previously selected gear.

Get the manuals that Jimb2 pointed to.

Good luck with your project,








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From what we've discussed so far, I believe that would be considered a 240A. The PL indicating "PayLine" as @R190 stated earlier.

Not very many made, and most of the specialized knowledge about them lost to time due to them being part of the IH Construction division. A quick synopsis there, IH sold the construction division to Dresser around 1983 to raise some much-needed cash. Dresser only cared about the dozers and pretty much dropped support on everything else. Once the parts stocks were sold out for things like the tractors and backhoes and excavators and payloaders, that was it. Dresser eventually got absorbed into Komatsu, and recently the dozers got split off into "DRESSTA" but those dozers have little in common with anything IH made except the "TD" designation.

If there is no Reverse on the Hi Low Neutral selector, then it must have another selector for a Forward Reverse shuttle, or "reverser." 

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Hi, very familiar with the Ag version of the IH 454/464, as far as I can tell from your photos, the modifications from the Ag version is:
1) Heavy duty Industrial straight front axle
2) Appears to have the optional external hydraulic pump under the right foot rest.
3) Mounting frame on both sides running from bell housing to the front bolster, this could be for a front end loader or some other attachment like side mounted mowers.
4) Rear tires are like Rice tires used in the rice fields for traction in deep mud.

My first concern is the hydraulic hoses that have been removed from some piece of equipment and left dangling on the right by the brake pedals.
These tractors usually had Open Center hydraulic system meaning in the idle state hydraulic oil is flowing in a continuous loop from the reservoir thru filter into Input of the pump out the high pressure side thru the hydraulic valves and back to the reservoir. Sometimes when loaders or other hydraulic equipment is removed from Open Center hydraulic systems, the hydraulic lines are just capped causing the hydraulic system to be under high pressure all the time like an electrical dead short. Instead of capping the lines the high pressure line must be connected to the return line to keep the Open Center system continuous flow going. This capping of the lines could either make the engine difficult to turn over or completely lock it up as both the internal and external hydraulic pumps are run from the PTO shaft that is directly connected to the pressure plate on the flywheel. If those two lines are capped, you could put a clean bucket under them and remove the caps and see if engine will turn over.

I don't recommend trying to pull start the tractor if the engine is locked up as you may bend rods extra, instead jack one rear wheel off the ground, put tractor in 4th gear, Hi Range and try rocking the rear wheel.

As Catman13, we require more photo and also photos of the hydraulic hoses by the brake pedals.  

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I will take a lot of pictures when I get back over to the storage area including the pump area and the loose hose as mentioned. I thought the hose assembly to the right of the steering wheel might have been for the brakes. I will try rocking the 1 tire up way. The middle cylinder had water in it, I have it soaking now. the rear cylinder is free, not sure on the front yet. I pulled the injectors and filled up the cylinder to the injector hole so I can see the fluid move a little when trying to wrench the front pully bolt a little. all the valves and rockers are free. I have to work on the 1,2,3,4 speed control lever thats under the lid covering the metal hose on the transmission. its very difficult to move, almost unable to by hand. The rest of the lever assembly on the left side of the seat is freed up including the hi, low, neutral, reverse lever. Im not sure if this tractor is too far gone yet. I dont want to have to get the in tractor overhaul kit for the motor until I know everything works, just a waste of money. I still cant get an idea on the horse power for sure but Im thinking around 40 ish. was hoping it was more when I picked it up. It might have had a loader or something attached to the frame as you had mentioned as I can see where something was mounted to the large steel plate sides. If I remember correctly, the front nose of the tractor is plate steel as well and welded to the side plates on the tractor. The rear tires just rolled when I had put it in gear last week and tried rolling it with my other tractor so its not going in gear for some reason or something is broke. Thank you for all the help, alot of knowledge out there!!!

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Hi again, too bad water had got into the middle cylinder. The D-179 3-cyl German Diesel was a really good engine.
Here is link to TractorData.com IH 240A: https://www.tractordata.com/industrial-tractors/000/0/5/56-international-harvester-240a.html
According to the above link the engine was set to 40 HP but that can be changed on the injection pump easily to close to 50 HP.
See my attached photo of Bosch Injection pump below:
1) Purple lever is Throttle control
2) Lever with the Green wire is controlled from the STOP/START/RUN lever on the dash and is the Fuel Control lever in the pump.
    When lever is in the Red Line fully depressing the plunger that is the STOP position, fuel shut off.
     When lever is in the Blue Line position just touching the end of the plunger, this is the COLD Start and Prime position, like a choke on gas engine.
     When lever is in Green Line position against the HP adjusting screw this is the RUN position. The HP can be increased/decreased by adjusting this screw.

Re clutch, I believe since you have the two gear shift levers with Rev/Hi/Lo and 1-2-3-4 that you have the standard gear transmission without a torque converter.
There is an inspection plate that can removed at the bottom of the bell howsing that can be removed to look at the throughout bearing, pressure plate and clutch.
The IH Service manuals that I gave a link to will help, use the reference to AG 454 and Industrial 2400.  

STOP-Cold Start-RUN Bosch Pump.JPG

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Fantastic pictures. Great information. I absolutely will be wrenching on the throttle limiter. I assume its giving more fuel. Is there a limit to how far I turn it or should I just stop when exhaust gets a little too black? The clutch feels free but I will pull the plate and take a look. Im going to give the soaking a little time before I pull the head and try that way. I was thinking of pulling the starter and trying a pry on the ring gear but the plates on the side may prevent that. all depends if I can get this thing in gear somehow and try the rear tire route. Again, thanks for all the great info. Its a big help!

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Re fuel control you can only go until lever hits the screw mounting bracket and you have to readjust the control wire so that the lever will go against the bracket and also retract enough to shut the fuel off. Also if you give it too much fuel it will slobber black Oil down the muffler and exhaust manifold when it is idling a lot. What we did if we were using it on a wood splitter or doing a lot of idling and not requiring the HP, we would not pull the Stop/Start/Run lever all the way to the top and that would stop the slobbering. It will be difficult to pull the starter with that mounting bracket on there, you may have to remove the fuel filter by the injection pump to get the starter to move far enough forward to get it away from the ring gear to remove it. 
My Dad bought an IH 454 in 1972 but he really wanted the 464 at 45 HP, the IH dealer said we will make your 454 into a 464 by putting larger rear tires on it and adjusting the fuel control for 45 HP. Later that year after it was broke in we turned the fuel screw out a couple more turns. My brother still has that tractor and another newer CIH 495 with the D-179 but with a Bosch VE pump instead of the older VA pump but the 454 will out pull the 495 any day.

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