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Wood stove Glass gasket


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32 minutes ago, MTB98 said:

Something listed here work for you? 


18 minutes ago, hardtail said:

Cerwool rope

I got some of the flat self adhesive gasket going to try that for now  

And will order some of high temp sleeving and cut it open if that don't work 

The gasket material on there now was purpose made and the company that made the stove sold out years ago so no parts 

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Have you checked a farm and home supply store?  Our local Rural King store stocks different widths of stove gasket.

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5 hours ago, jeeper61 said:

I was looking there they have high temp sleeving I could cut it open and it would wrap around the edge 

The original looks purpose made thinner in the middle to fold over the edge 

Would header wrap work? 

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Gasket, Fiberglass Tape, Door Glass, 1/8" x 1"
$22 + $6 Shipping
i buy this glass door gasket from,  High valley stoves , thats where i bought my stove from 25 years ago , so every time i need the door glass gasket i get it here 
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Just received an order from Woodsmans Parts Plus the gasket set they sent me came fromAW Perkins which is right near by me. I forgot about these folks but either would be a great resource for gaskets 



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