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12 hours ago, farmalldr said:

Here is what I can share on D282/DT282.  Not sure which may be DT" except I know that TD9 (92 series) and TD9B gear drive were turbo.  560, 660, 706, TD6 (62 series). TD9 (92 series) TD9B, some H30 loaders.  Could be others.


Dennis, add to your list the 3800, 3850, 2656, UD282. 

IH D282 Industrial engine.jpg

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The dozer is on another farm,but I have what I think is the serial number written in my manual: TD9BP  10400. According to my operators manual the TD9B manual shift were turbos and the power shifts were optional. High elevation. I think mine was sold in California, don't think Iowa is high elevation!!!

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I had a 1969 Galion 503A grader and it came with a D-236 engine.


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On 12/15/2022 at 2:18 PM, 1566Hog said:

Had a 503 combine with the D282. Ended up putting a D301 in it out of a 715 combine. Bolted right up. I’ve heard a D301 is the D282 without the spacers at top of cylinder. Wish I knew more details on that. 

the 301 engine has no sleeves, just pistons in the block. 

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