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Got a 2394 that's been a pain. I got it all back together for the guy to take and use. It's was moving and shifting thru all the power shift gears so I figured all was good. Come to find out it only pulls good in 2nd power shift. If I hold the brakes in second power shift it will kill the engine. If I hold the brakes in reverse first and.third gears it will just come to a dead stop. I did check the c2 clutch pressure and it's around 190 psi. I can't figure out why I have decent pressure but it will fall flat on it's face. Anyone got any ideas?

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I have a 2394.  Just had to have the power shift rebuilt.  At first It would kill the engine when you moved the lever into reverse.  Then it got to it would kill the engine when you pushed the pedal in to start or stop movement.  Ended up some of the power shift clutches were shot.

Got a guy local (southeastern southern Illinois) who knows these tractors inside and out.  He totally went thru mine.  

  I'll send you a PM.

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If you have a 6 speed powershift :

1st gear - C1 C2 C6

2nd gear - C1 C2 C5

3rd gear - C1 C3 C6

4th gear - C1 C3 C5

5th gear - C2 C3 C6

6th gear - C2 C3 C6

Reverse - C2 C4 C6

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Did get the regulated pressure checked at the flow divider it the sensor port. I didn't cap off everything like the want you to in the service manual. I did have the tractor moving and also kicked on all the hyd functions and I had 190 psi.

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