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504 manifold, elbow, pipe.....


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In searching for a new manifold, elbow, and pipe for my Farmall 504 gas engine tractor, I have found that some places are out of stock and a variation of prices at others.  Is there different manufactures for the manifold or are all of the different ones found the same item with differences in price?  Is there a place you would recommend to purchase these items based on quality of product and service? 

504 manifold.jpg

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It is my personal opinion that they're all made in the same place, packed in a container, sent over here, and distributed to whoever wants to sell them. From there the only difference is packaging, and you are paying for that packaging.

In other products, I have not seen any visible difference in quality or construction from cheap to expensive. That is what leads me to believe this.

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22 hours ago, Pnutfarmer said:

Still searching...... 

You'll probably want to snatch up the first one you find, regardless of the cost, regardless of the seller. You may not get another chance.

There is a distinct possibility that they may never make any more. It all depends on how quickly the last batch sold out, and I suspect that they've been selling off the last batch for a long long time. That does not bode well for any more being made.

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Maybe Jensales or Waltstractors could have one. They didn't say "NO".

I would have the checkbook at the ready if you find one.

If you are going to haggle over the price, you will probably go without.

I do know that Meyer's Tractor Salvage buys up all the old "killer" tractors in this area and he parts them out

They had a lot of the old stuff.

Give Paul a call and see what he has.


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Glad my 504 is good! Looks like it was new before the blew up the motor.

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Not sure where you're located, but Stromp's Dump in Spalding, NE might be a good source for a used one.


We went on a shopping trip over there last Wednesday and came home with a good W9 fuel tank, final drive covers for a SA, pan seat with leaf springs for a SA, a set of front wheel weights for a SA and a few odds-and-ends for a 660 for a couple hundred bucks. 

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