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Led vs halogen lighting


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I basically never run roads at night, but I still arranged my led lights to be more driver friendly. The first set to come on is aimed lower, the second set is higher for distance lighting. A few places sell dimmable lights, and that’s what I’d probably do if you regularly run roads at night.

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8 hours ago, sf03499 said:

I was looking at the larsen ones

Larsen are good lights. I have a pile of them. Great customer service as well

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IH solved your problem in the switch. They call this a 4 position switch. 

The switch was used to turn the lights on/off as needed and used a resister for the dim function.

R = Rear lights are on for the field and all lights are burning.

B = Your bright road lights only are on plus the flashers

D= Dim your lights when meeting a car and flashers still on.

Off= Off

I stand corrected.

This works on normal bulbs and LED's don't dim.

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1 hour ago, snoshoe said:

Unless the grill lights are dimmable 30 watters.  You mess up the dim function by using leds. Trying to dim four lights also ruins the function. Which has me wondering how you're going to connect those 56 fender harnesses to the 66.

If he wants the fender lights to work like they do on a 56 series, he will have to pair up the outer fender lights with the grille lights.

HOWEVER, all those lights if incandescent will overload the switch, especially on the DIM setting. It's not designed to run more than 3 lights.

I never understood the dim function anyway. It's not useful for driving. It's not visible to oncoming traffic. All it does is set the cobwebs behind the instrument panel on fire.

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They do.  I bought some off Amazon that have the same base and a "lens" to make them emit light in a wider angle than some LED's.   Used them on my 666 dash - they work great.  I'm sure Mike probably has some as well.


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