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986 intermittent hydraulics


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Hi All,

  I have a 986 that my father bought new in approximately 1984 I think it was, has abour 4500hrs on it, open cab, wanting to keep in the family, and running, I will never sell it, rather pass it on to my sons. Great tractor when it's working right, I use it to mow and disc with, hydraulics have got to where they come and go. This tractor has a hydraulic clutch, brakes, TA, steering, and rear hydraulics. When they hydraulics quit, it quits pulling, brakes quit working, steering all but stops. Then, if you sit with the engine running for a few seconds, clutch in, hydraulics will go back to working again. It is way worse on a hill, so much so, it can't be used, as it quits pulling, then no brakes, and heavy steering, I must roll to a stop, on level ground. It's like it's catching air, then not. Not sure what's happening really. I have a manual, thought I would post up on here, see if this is a common problem maybe someone else has had.

  Most likely unrelated, but today I had it out, left brake is trying to hang, but I figure that should be an easy fix, as it has never had brakes put on it, maybe the plates are worn down metal to metal, and are welding themselves together, IDK.

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