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Little fall fun with IH red


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Hi Guys , 

Been laying low this summer no projects going (yet)

However , was asked to participate in the Kerman , ca . harvest festival parade .

the parade Marshall was 92 year old jean Hardie known as the John Deere queen and cotton queen so only fitting they pulled her in parade with my 30 foot green cotton trailer pulled by a new John tractor 

I entered the SC and 28 FH mower , SMTA and 71 baler , La Case lp being it was from a long time Kerman  family, Carol drove Herbie my latest IH truck also .

my son on SC , Grandson of original owner of case driving , me on SMTA, Carol in Herbie, 

the older lady in center of my cousins is Jean Hardie being celebrated in her farm community ,

the fellow on the Fergie 40 is my friend and Kerman farmer Joe Porto on his Late fathers tractor .

few pictures the estimate 2000- 2500 people lined the street in this small Calif Central Valley farm community

wish pictures were better settings but all my picture takers were driving something so we took from the seats.













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Thanks Tony for those great pictures ....Seems you had a very nice day.....without   torrential rain...forest fires or  hurricanes to contend with.......

Your tractor   / baler combo looks the part ....:),,,as does that lady in that old red truck .......;)


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