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IF Things Are This Bad, One Would Think This Would Be All Over The "News"

Art From Coleman

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9:05 AM — Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno — Lee County is where the then-hurricane made landfall — told ABC’s Good Morning America that the “fatalities are in the hundreds.” That number has not been confirmed.

“There are thousands of people that are waiting to be rescued, “ he said, adding that they cannot give a “true assessment until we’re actually on scene.”



It would appear that his "authoritah", and how ever many "stars" he has chosen to award himself has went to his head, and I would NOT be surprised to learn that the good sheriff was running off his mouth from the doughnut shop, just as I am surprised that he wasn't beeching and moaning about NOT having the air and sea resources that would allow him and his badge wearing buddies to be "on scene".  He comes across as the type that would park on railroad tracks, or hide in the bushes as a school shooting was going on.

BTW, WHY in the h3ll  are members of the MEDIA allowed into these disaster sites, long before the home, business, and property owners are, as I imagine that those in the MEDIA are "souvinier hunters extraordinaire", as they wander through private property.

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