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70 year old saw horse


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My Dad and my Uncle built the house I grew up in starting in 1945. They built 4 saw horses, 2 I ended up with and 2 went to my sister. I've used mine since the 80's for all kinds of projects and one has seriously deteriorated. They used Douglas fir for the top and pine for the legs, probably left over from construction as all the rafters in that house were fir.  I had removed some Doug fir floor boards from a CA horse trailer and decided to try and replicate the one rotted horse. I used a white oak fence board I milled for the legs. My joinery isn't as good as the original, but I'm happy with how it turned out. That's a pretty complex cut with a hand saw. I've always like this design because of the wide top and stance. They are almost as stable on rough ground as on the floor, and plenty strong enough for my big self to stand on.




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43 minutes ago, E160BHM said:

Two school projects, the white one as a high school freshman in 1964 and the gray one as a college freshman in 1967, IIRC with hand tools only.  It took a long time to get the legs right.





The white horse looks just like my 8th graders made when I was an agriculture teacher in the late 70’s.  The plan came from some published curriculum as I remember.  We cheated though and used power tools, including a power jointer from the industrial arts shop.  It makes a pretty sturdy horse!

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I have a set of sawhorses I made about 25 years ago when I bought my first house. I tore down some oak pallets I scavenged from my workplace and used that lumber because it was free and that fit my budget. I still have them, they’re getting a little wobbly these days. I use them for light duty stuff. 

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