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Andy Detweiler ... The Harmless Farmer


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My son told me about Andy's passing. I didn't really think it was so at first. He was an inspiration for everyone. Remember to count your blessings no matter what cards you've been dealt . Prayers for his family.


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Yes was surprised to see it this morning when I went into YouTube. Saw some tribute videos. While I didn’t watch a lot of his videos I had a lot of respect for him. He overcame a lot and managed to get a lot done. Think he’d been fighting cancer for a couple years now. 

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I was telling someone about him just the other day.  He took away a lot of excuses.

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Thoughts and Prayers to his Family and May Andy Rest In Peace. He will be Missed by Many.

He sure earned a large amount or Respect from his Viewers. Great Person to Admire ,Look Up To.

I always looked for his Videos, he usually had 1 on Saturday Morning and Wednesday sometimes and enjoyed watching his Videos.

He had a different way of doing things which made him exciting to watch and see what he was up to.

His Last Video he just had Rear Tires Mounted an Oliver 1600 he just Purchased.

I was suprised to see him pouring gas into an Oliver Tractor when he was using it to run a Grain Auger during one of his Videos.


I found his Obituary: Thomas Andrew " Andy" Detwiler



I saw his Sister Kathy commented on another Youtube Channel Gosselin Farms Ed Gosselin he Passed Away from Pneumonia. I saw this Yesterday and just wanted to post it so the Correct Information is known. 

Hi, this is Kathy Andy's sister He passed away from complications from Pneumonia .



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11 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

Oh no!  I am so sorry to hear that!  Watching him hook up a rotary mower including the hydraulics and PTO with just his feet was amazing!  I have trouble doing it with two good arms!  Waht a guy.  What got him?  Was it cancer as PLF surmised?

Some time ago I heard him talking about dealing with esophageal cancer.  I assume that had something to do with his demise.

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On my feed today 

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