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IH 500E Left Track Drive

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Hello All!

Finally worked my old girl to the limit. Out of nowhere yesterday the left track stopped having drive. Clutch is spinning, brake is applying. I lifted the dozer up and was able to manually spin the track and when I pulled the final cover, I could see everything looked healthy and would also spin as I turned the track. I'm guessing something with the clutch? Looking for ideas on what could be the issue. In order to pull the tank/arm rest I believe I need to remove the winch off the back? I pulled every nut/bolt I could imagine but there appears to be 3 on the base of the fuel tank holding the unit down. Any advice on what it would be before I try to jump into that heavy huge project would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You


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Do you have a book on the machine, if not get one if you can. On my 150B Track Loader there is a sliding sleeve on each side of the bevel gears (ring and pinion). The sleeves connect the ring gear to the steering clutch, one on each side. The sleeves are thin with very heavy splines, internal and external. They break some times and could cause a loss of drive to one track only. I am not familiar with your 500C so it may be different. There is a couple Junk yards that have some parts but new stuff is rare for the old Intl.

There are a couple guys on here that have 500s, someone will chime in I would think. Good luck with it.

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The 500c&e have the final drive pinions driven by the clutch.  The clutch is driven on the inboard side by a splined shaft that goes through the rear end.  The splined shaft through the rear rend has a nipple on the end that fits into a bushed hole on the end of the bull pinion.  They support each other and the clutch, but don't directly drive each other.

It sounds to me like you lost the teeth off of the fiber disks.  General Gear has them available.  They also have excerpts from the manuals relating to the clutches you can download.  Look at the bottom of the page for the manual selections.


It may be easier for you to take out the seat to get to the tank bolts rather than remove the winch.  They are through standoffs on the bottom of the tank and go through the cover to the rear end.  On my 500c the steering levers can be unbolted.  If you cannot get the tank out through the operator area you my have to remove the ROPS.

NOTE:  When you remove the bull pinion be very careful not to drop the outer or inner thrust bearings or thrust washers into the final drive!!!!

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