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geo thermal heat question


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I can’t speak much to them except that the systems i have seen required absurd amounts of power. Between the water pumps/circulators/heat pumps etc we ended up with a 400a service in each case. Roughly half devoted to the geothermal. Your still using electricity, and that has to come from somewhere. 

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I researched it and found that it wouldn't pay back in the time I expect to own the house. It's a great Idea and if I was younger would have gone for it.

Next door neighbor has a single well system and has to dump quite a bit in late winter as the ground water starts getting too cold from pumping back down. Another neighbor who lives near the shore and has a small stream next to the house that dumps into the bay has a pump and dump system that I believe works excellent. His well hit some fabulous flow. That's the type system I would have considered as I may have been able to dump into the pond that outlets to the bay too. I believe there's a move to outlaw such systems though. Neighbor dumps into the stream that feeds the pond with outlet to the bay.

The type system that relies on trenches requires enough flat land that we don't have.

The next door neighbor and I were comparing electric bills. His, with geo and two mini splits in his pool house as well  as the huge pool pump was a couple of hundred higher. We have an air source heat pump and an above ground pool with a smaller pump and a window unit in the attic office. August bill was $480. September should be $150  or more less since no cooling needed.

Propane backup for below 20f heat.

We are getting by with a 100 amp service during the heat wave. I put an amp clamp on the compressor and air handler and was surprised that running at max it was only a combined 26 amps. Bosch compressor and air handler are soft start so no light dimming when they start. Our water heater is on a separate 50 amp service thankfully.

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We have geo with a ground loop. It took about 50’ by 200’ that we farm right over. I love it when it’s working correctly, but it has a tendency to kick off and we don’t find out until we get a really high electric bill. Unless it’s summer, then we lose ac and notice it immediately. The people I’ve talked to say this is not unusual for geo, regardless of brand. But it’s sure nice to not buy propane !

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