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Vintage Harvest, Davenport Washington

Brady Boy

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11 hours ago, Brady Boy said:

After a 2 year hiatus, the Annual Vintage Harvest was held, just east of Davenport WA.  I always enjoy watching the old machines operating in the wheat fields.  Enjoy.  BK



That's a wonderful & well put together video! Had to skip through a bunch so I can get back to work, but I'll be enjoying it on the big screen when I'm done for the day.

Thanks for posting!


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10 hours ago, Brady Boy said:

I like the "professional operators.....old guys " line ☺️ BK.

So where all the square corners kept square.  My dad harvested from 1947 to 1980 with a 3 cylinder Cat 35 or RD6 and a John Deere 36 b combine. That was a major point with him.  From 47 to 1970 he did 2 months of custom work then 400 or so acres for he and his brother. In the mid 60's he bought a updated JD 36b that with air rams he could lift the header and control the leveling or let a automated control handle the leveler from the Cat seat. I was never really trusted to run all that. As picking a rock up could mean the better part of a day getting thing back in shape.


I believe all the old combines came with the dolly wheel under the front. But on steep hillside ground that was the first thing that got removed. But then you needed a IH TD 35, AC model K, or a Cat 35 or bigger to handle the tongue weight.  My dad did run JD 36b with a Cat D4 one season and had finial drive problems and bought a D6 for the next season.


I never saw a Case pull combine as big as they had there, provided it could really handle as much grain as that header looked to cut. I believe the IH 51 pull machine was the same basic thrasher as the self propelled IH 151.


Thanks for sharing, as always very nice work Brady.

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There was old newspaper piece from 1930 or 31 post on the Cat site this morning. The interesting bit to me was Holt was calling them Harvesters not combines. Which explains why they where all harvesters to me until I was overwhelmed by those of you from fly over country. To not cause confusion   I will stay reformed for the most part and go with combine. Just a bit of the old time regionalism popping up from a 100 years ago.


But the regionalism was also evident in that they where still sacking the grain on the Holt harvester in 1930. I was told it took WW2 and a shortage of sacks and the labor to handle them to stop the practice in California.


Right after WW2 dad and grandpa bought a new JD 36b and actively looked for more work for it. Some people where still wanting their grain in sacks. So they had a attachment to hang sacks on a small door in the back of the bulk truck.  So sacking happen out of the truck rather than on the combine.

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Two of the machines running were McCormick-Deering No. 51 Harvester-Thresher Hillside models, with mechanical leveling systems. Here is my 1939 brochure for that machine. Next are 1944 and 1946 brochures.  In a 1949 magazine ad, IH is calling this harvesting machine a combine.  Not sure exactly when IH started calling them combines. BK





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