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IH T-4 Crawler Pictures for t4mike

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Info for t4mike or anyone that might have interest. I spent most of the winter going through the T-4 and getting things back in to tip top shape. I took it to the local show this past weekend. 

Here is a list of a few things that needed attention:
Replaced all steering clutches, drums and brake components (the parts had drawn a lot of moisture over the years)
Installed new throw out bearings for the steering clutches
Installed new bushings and shafts that operate the carrier for the throw out bearings
Cleaned out the rear end housing, installed new seals and new fluid.
Took the final drives apart and replaced bearings, seals and gaskets
Took the engine apart and cleaned sediment out of the water jacket.
Replaced the rubber o-rings at the bottom of the sleeves
Rebuilt the water pump as it started to seep.
Replaced the engine clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing
I was fortunate enough to find several NOS parts during the process
I found a NOS choke cable 
Made a new wiring harness and battery cables
I found a factory original tow took for the front with the proper IH part #

t4 1.jpg

t4 10.jpg

t4 11.jpg

t4 7.jpg

t4 8.jpg

t4 9.jpg

t4 2.jpg

t4 3.jpg

t4 4.jpg

t4 5.jpg

t4 6.jpg

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Very nice looking crawler!


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That my friend, was a labor of love!  Beautiful job. I concur with the orderliness and cleanliness of the shop and grounds. I can only wish to have the discipline to get mine beyond merely functional.  One question, is that a belt drive hanging on the back of your crawler? What is is it for?\


Former M-48 Patton Tnk Cmndr, A co. 2nd Plt. 4th Tnk Bn USMC(R)

1948 TD-6 Crawler

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Belt pulley drives were used before PTO shafts and drives for threshing machines, hammer mill feed grinders, saw mills or home buzz saws, etc. 

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Thank you all very much for the compliments. It has been a fun project even though some of the parts were limited availability. It should be good for several years now. It is only 48” wide so it doesn’t take up very much space to store it.

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Well, you have answered a question I have had for over 30 years. When I saw the photo of the tow hook with the numbers on it, I thought "gee, that looks just like the one that I have had sitting up on the windowsill of my shop forever."  No idea where i got it, always thought it looked like the ones I used to see bolted to the frames on big trucks. I dug mine out this morning and scraped about 4 layers of paint off and lo and behold it has the same numbers on it! Now I know. Too bad someone got excited with the gas axe and cut into it near both of the holes at the bottom. But it is repairable, now that I know. Thanks.


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