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Introduction of the 66 series by IH back in 1971 and a enormous lineup of new tractors in Mississippi


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When we bought our dealership in early 1975 the blackstripe 66s were coming into play and Dad ordered a bunch of Louisville manufactured sixty horsepower and under tractors and two from Rock Island, Illinois one was a 766 and the other was a Hydro70 and we received the Hydro but come to find out our regional IH field rep had that 766 sent to a bubby of his in southern Indiana he personally knew and somehow my Dad caught wind and bout closed the doors over that, I was all hyped up to have that pretty 766 on the lot but didnt happen.  Needless to say we never had another incident like that again.  That Mississippi dealership I posted that on here years ago and it went over real good and the building still stands but the dealership is long gone into the history books but dont this pic and the other one take you to a far off place back n tha day



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5 hours ago, zleinenbach said:

Southern indiana is my neck of the woods! Do you recall the buddies name by chance?

not the dealer but our field rep was Ron Asherman

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Interesting and kind of ties into the discussion about old time prices.  The dealer in the picture no doubt got a discount on his order(s) based on the number of tractors in his yard.  There were maybe a few IH dealers in the region here that would have that many new tractors in the yard.  Nobody within 50 miles of me would have that many.  Probably somebody like Batavia Farm Equipment.  Avon Farm Equipment would have maybe 2/3 to 3/4 of that being in the river valley.  A sharp fall off after that.  

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