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IH 3588

Edward Niregård

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The biggest visible change that I can think of was cab interiors. They had what they called Western Interior and Deluxe Burgundy Trim the serial number break was at cab number 107806 and below for Western and 107807 and above for Deluxe according to the parts book. There were also changes in the A/C system at the same number break. There were some changes in the seats over the years as well. The early ones had a different safety latch on the front hood than what they latter went to and most over the years have had rubber straps added to help keep the hood closed. 

I am sure there were some other changes but that is what comes to mind at the moment. I just picked up a 3588 #17702 which has what is left of the Burgundy Trim in the cab and yet the A/C system is for the lower serial number range. I have no idea what the cab number is. Most of the factory interior is gone with what is left being on the doors. So were all the interiors an either or depending on serial number or could you order either way? I have no idea. 

Hope that helps you a little. The parts book I believe is available still and the number is TC-190.  


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