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Just funnin' around in the sandhills


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I don't want to give it away but you won't believe what this kid pulls out of a hole in a hay meadow. 

His tee shirt Ewing Tigers is my old HS alma mater honorable class of '78

Not ewetube so will have to click on the link.......................sorry




Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did🤠

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Wow.  I ran over a badger years ago with Dad's M farmall.  Granted, it was in a plowed field, but he just shook himself off and waddled away.  Them buggers is tough!!!

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A number of years ago, I attempted to rope one of them. Not sure who was more impressed. My Wonder horse, my wife, or my neighbor, Tom Cody. Pretty sure they all thought I was off my rocker. 

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1 hour ago, Art From Coleman said:

I was expecting a GIANT rattlesnake.

Whatcha going to do with him?

That thing eats giant rattlesnakes for breakfast!!!

Don't know how he didn't loose several digits messing with it!

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1 hour ago, hardtail said:

Can't see anything do you have to be a fb member?

I have never been a member and it playss for me. Did you get it yet?

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