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Auction, 2 guys wanting the same truck

806 man

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Any low mileage pre emission truck is worth a lot of money. I got mine just before everything got really stupid, but mine sure isn’t a Pete either. 
The 378 is way over priced in my opinion. The 379 is about typical. 
The guy I lease my tanker from, has a 2018? 389, with a big Cat in it, 18 speed, pretty much a show truck, for sale. It’s a glider, I sorta think it might be one of the last gliders that Pete sold, so it might be a 2020, but it is for sale. His driver who was in it, passed away from Covid. Long story but he wants $245,000 for it. 

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That's just the tractor!!!

A local guy here updated his log truck, he just sold his "old" one a couple months ago. This was a 2018 long nose pete, not sure what number, Cummins engine, 18 speed, full lockers, heavy spec with the serco loader and the air ride pup. A complete turn key Michigan special 6/5 11 axle log truck and I believe it sold for $275,000.

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