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On 8/4/2022 at 10:39 AM, 560Dennis said:

Suggestion called the head gasket mfg ,tech help and give them the number of the head gasket and ask a lot of questions ,take notes as to the procedure . What sealer to use and where , mine on the C is steel and graphite so they only recommend sealer on the steel , so I use that recommendation. Not to much sealer they say . See what the say ,post it cause if it different helps everyone. 
i know the procedure for a Farmall C but yours may differently 

Good for you ,! you tried ! 
I called Mahle once ! They were no help ! Like they were afraid to say anything. No help on to sealer to. Use , no help on re torque 
very luck with Fel pro techs talked three of them all very help full 

oh your head gasket is directional so find the very hard to see the note .don’t coat with to much before the install mark it which way it goes, so sealer doesn’t cover it up. 

if need need help retorque procedure ask we can suggest how to do it , I got my way others may be a lot better ,we’ll see Or 

ask for Doug at messicks ,che's a tech ,an old letter series tractor tech from way back ,hes my go to guy on the Farmalls 

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7 hours ago, 560Dennis said:

I called Mahle once

That's where my gaskets came from. No help at all. I noticed the gasket was directional, will have to make sure not to cover up the marks. Any suggestions on setting valves?


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10 hours ago, MacAR said:

That's where my gaskets came from. No help at all. I noticed the gasket was directional, will have to make sure not to cover up the marks. Any suggestions on setting valves?


Yep check the push rods for straight on accurate flat surface if you got one , something flat . 
Flush to clean out rocker tube ,check for excessive wear on rocker to shaft 

Look for wear on the radius of rocker arm . I use a dremel sanding drum and carefully followed the radius till wear is removed. If you don’t you will never get the lash correct. Make a gage or borrow one to check radius ,hold rocker arm up to light to see light shine through giving you highs and low spots , go slow take your time ,not a race , grind just enough to just clean away the wear. 

Did you number the push rods where they came from to put them back? If not start with number one top dead center. Adjusting clearance cold to .014. Go to 3 ,4 and two .

recheck valve lash with them , hot engine . 

what I did ,tried not to forget anything 

suggest you torque nuts on hold down to 30 35 ft pounds cause your going take the rocker assembly off to retorque head bolts . Do that and retorque rocker assembly and reset valve lash to correct settings 

My procedure is to recheck head bolts retorque in 30 days . 

if your head gasket is steel on both sides coat both side with permatex head gasket sealer just enough to coat it completely not to much as creating excessive buildup . 
don’t forget which side goes up or down it can be covered with sealer ,don’t get distracted putting the gasket on , or your going to do it all over again in a few years maybe . 
I’ve done it on a C ,don’t and can’t believe what I was think ing at the time but I made the mistake . 
I think Mahle says direction note is confusing , read it back to us ! I think it say, “put this side away from (???) “

Call them back and ask them what they mean ? 

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