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1969 International 140. SN 41,613

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Finally found some time to work on this tractor.  With the Mid Iowa Antique Power Association show this coming weekend, now was the time to give it some love.

Previously, I reported on the purchase and delivery of this machine.  The engine was mildly stuck and I freed it up.   Repaired some wiring issues and it ran great!  The lights even work. 20201113_120447.thumb.jpg.b115132267d8715cddb03fb6eecd885e.jpg

The fuel tank had old rotten fuel in it and had destroyed the sediment bowl.  I flushed it with diesel fuel, but the rust remained. So, I added drain cleaner and water and drove the tractor around the farm on a temporary fuel tank. I am gaining,  but rusty sludge remains.  So, tonight I have CLR and water in the tank.  Will try another flush tomorrow evening. 20220731_194603.thumb.jpg.e77834301a5c682168b8fe275e48b75e.jpg

 Today, I turned my attention to the rest of the machine.  Removed the Woods mower frame and drive assembly (I do not have the mower anyway).20220731_202013.thumb.jpg.fd7d4cbde0070b93c3f524efa566f444.jpg

Gave the brittle seat cushions a duct tape overhaul.  Will have to do for now.  The raccoons were hard on it last winter!20220731_194621.thumb.jpg.91f1e25d8818f54c4eaa90818cfe97ec.jpg

Added a much needed step on the right side.  Lubricated the seat rails and slid it all the way back.20220731_203153.thumb.jpg.03ac8d636af1adac51ecd931ab6d1693.jpg

Removed the front wheel weights from the machine.  I need to replace the dry rotten front tires, and they will be in the way.  I plan to install the weights on the inside if they will fit.  For now, I like the look better without them.20220731_204810.thumb.jpg.21d2e4748657b7bf8b055da5290ddc0e.jpg

As darkness fell, I gave the 140 a soapy bath and it looks great!  Hope to finish up the fuel system.  Have a new battery, battery box and cables to install yet. Plan to buff the hood a little before it heads to Marshalltown this week.

  The radio works great and I listened to it all afternoon while I worked.  Will probably remove it and install on a different tractor that I will drive more often.


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Looks good.  My Dad has an A that never gets used.  So he hooked it up to his IH rake, #5 I think, so that I would use it to rake about 5 acres of hay this summer.  Worked fine...but those things are tight for anyone 6' or over.

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The fuel tank plugged the sediment bowl up at the MIAPA show a couple weeks ago.  So, I removed the fuel tank under the shade tree last weekend and added 2 gallons of EvapoRust.  As instructed, I turned it a different direction every day.  That stuff really works!  Not perfect,  but man that tank is shiny inside.  I gave it a good flushing with water today and re installed the tank.  Ran the tractor 20 minutes.   No noticable rust in the sediment bowl.  Victory!  

Installed new seat cushions.  Adjusted the nose cone a little bit because it looked tipped back to me. Then I polished all the sheetmetal. Really looks great, but it was too dark for a good photo.


All packed up for the State IH show in Belmond.

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