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Need to replace a wood post in a concrete feedlot....

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One way I used to fix that problem was to break out the cement around the broken post big enough to work around, you could also get a saw and cut it if one is available and the concrete is thick. Then I would dig out the remaining post, open the hole, and set a new post. 

When I set the post I would take plastic barrel and cut both ends off and place it around the post at ground level. 15 gallon acid drums worked well and on a dairy farm there are always plenty around. When I repoured the cement I would leave about one foot of the barrel under floor level and the rest above to act as a Barrier to protect the post from damage and fill it with cement, our issue was careless skid steer operators. If I needed to I would trim the barrel where height was limited say for a gate, or in some cases offset it around the post

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On 7/31/2022 at 8:12 AM, KY2674 said:

A little off subject but when I built our shop I wanted 2 frost free hydrants in the floor. I  put 5 gal buckets with the bottom cut out around the hydrants filled with gravel then poured the floor . Removed the bucket then poured sackcrete(spelling?) in the hole so if the hydrants go bad I only have to break a small circle of concrete around the hydrant. 

Not a bad idea however I would have probably used something bigger. Not going to be fun working through a bucket sized hole when the time comes. 
Any future hydrants I install in a difficult location will be stainless. 

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21 hours ago, zleinenbach said:

Not exactly what I was thinking but this would be the same thing




I wonder how they intended for the installer to replace the pipe dope or tape way down inside there when the time to change the hydrant comes along?? Interesting idea but I doubt it would work that well. I suppose you could pipe dope the inside of the hydrant fitting.

Gasp ....the horrors 

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