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Almost free Cub and how I got it running

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Neighbor called me last week, wanted to know if I wanted a Cub. It was given to him with an almost new Woods 59 belly mower and a snow plow. Has new battery, 1 new front tire, new carburetor, sediment bowl and  fuel line. He can’t get it to run and just wants it gone for the cost of the new parts he bought.

 I go look at it, its a ‘49 but in decent shape, mower deck is the cleanest one I’ve ever seen. I offer him $100 more than he’s asking so I can sleep at night!!!!!

We go to start it, turn on gas and fuel leaks out carb and fuel line connection to carb, it does finally run (poorly) but won’t take throttle. It arrives at my place last night along with a box full of the old carb parts. 

First thing I do is throw a battery charger on it - I don’t bother to look at where the cables go but the shower of sparks alerts me to battery being reversed with negative ground instead of positive. Not worried about the ignition since it’s got a magneto.

Long story short - I put the old carb and sediment bowl back on with a temporary rubber fuel line; no leaks!

Starts and runs fine, I even started it with the crank. Don’t know why the original stuff was replaced.

Only major purchase for me will be a new rear rim, both rears are loaded with liquid but one is really rusted, going drain both and repaint the non-rusted rim.


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Nice score. I've been watching a guy on YouTube that grows a bunch of food plots using a cub and what appears to be factory attachments. He has a mounted planter, mounted cultivators, fertilizer spreaders, all kinds of stuff. I would love to find one with all those goodies for sweet corn and green beans. 

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Very nice! I’ve got a lot of tractors but always have a soft spot for those honest little Cubs. 

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Mine is a ‘49 also…a honest to goodness Blue Ribbon Reconditioned Tractor


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I bought a parts cub with a 59 mower on it. I had no need or desire to own the mower, so i put it on CL for 600, it was gone in an hour. Either a real hot ticket item or right time right place. 

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