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It’s been a great year for literature!


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Here are some pieces of IH literature I’ve gotten since the beginning of the year. From eBay, auction websites, or something I saw on Facebook. 

For most of these brochures I posted the back covers, I enjoy sharing my literature here!

The 1978 buyers guide and the Dealership newsletter came together. The baler and 3x88 series came to as a pair. 


Here is literature from the last Farmall Land U.S.A auction that was back in March. 



These I picked up locally. 


This one was a great addition! One of, or the first brochure of the 66 Series. Printed in May 1971. 



Earlier this month I brought home a 526 tiller. This is a reprint but I prefer originals. I still wanted an operators manual and new was all I could find. 

These I just got yesterday and will probably be the last for a while since I’ll be going to college. Although I’m sure I’ll get a hold of stuff still😉


For the last year and a half I’ve been collecting Summer/Fall buyers guides. Now I have to get 1966 and 1973 and it will be a complete collection. 


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  Nice pick ups.  I've got the 1978 Buyer's Guide and look through it quite a bit.  I had the 1970 Buyer's Guide, looked through it, and then gave someone else the pleasure of owning it.  If I had the money I would have a whole room devoted to farm equipment literature.  All colors would be welcome.

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