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7140 mid range flutter

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So I borrowed a neighbors 7140 and batwing mower to mow some ditches. It sure has a flutter around 2000 engine rpms. Goes away at full throttle and runs pretty smooth below 1800. Out of the 4 magnums we have none of them run like this so this is a new one for me. I’ve heard Danny dirt boys talk about it before. How does a guy fix this?

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It's tough to fix on some and simple on the next one.

#1 make sure it has heavy bumper spring in governor #2 said bumper spring should carry the last 1-200 idle rpm's #3 flood governor housing with engine oil to dampen weights. #4 sometimes have to adjust main governor spring. 

I am sure @Injpumped could tell us way more. Lot of times the cause can be many things, we have struggled with them on Ag Baggers, grain vacs, pull type harvesters in mainly small grains & hay chopping. I have some customers that adjust the bumper spring to bag feed then adjust it back for satisfactory low idle when done. 

Anything that doesn't provide a steady, consistent load seems to upset them. Cummins has / had bulletins out on this concern years ago. 

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only thing I can think of is the weights are shot, if bumper spring adjustment doesn't help. Finding a flutter or surge on the test stand is impossible because we are driving the pump, on the engine, the pump is essentially driving the engine. Nozzle opening pressures can fall with use and can cause flutter issues too. 

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CIHTECH's post brings back all of those old, bad memories of this problem. We used to try to use the setup that the combines used where we put a jumper hose from one of the oil rifle fittings alongside the LH side of the block and plumb it into the cover of the governor housing to flood the governor with oil...that worked on some. We also messed with the "clicks" on the governor screw...seems like 18 "clicks" was where they suggested adjusting it to...that worked on some.

Around here a 7130/7140 on a tub grinder was the machine that would give you governor surging. Some of them...were just not fixable. 

One thing I remember when CaseIH introduced the 7200 series Magnums was that they advertised relaxing the governor regulation in the injection pumps by 5-10% IIRC. Whatever it was, it sure made a difference here as I dont remember 7200 series ever having that problem. 

When New Holland came out with the Genesis tractors a couple years later, we went through this problem all over again. Seemed like Bosch came out with some kind of a governor weight changeover kit to fix those machines. 

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I have made adjustments to the big spring through the top plug /Allan plug on the top of the governor housing , back the psi down on the star wheel inside but make sure you leave some psi on that spring . For the two bolts on the back of the governor the small nut is the main idle and the big nut /screw is the bumper spring . Turn the small screw in / out so it’s idling100 rpms under the rated rpms 700 then turn the big nut screw in the last 100 rpms to 800 rpms. After this is done open the throttle wide open and make sure you get to 2450 high idle , if it’s low remove the cover from the stop bolt , un jam the 10mm nut and back the screw out alittle . Set the throttle at 2450 and bring the bolt back in until it touches the throttle lever .

‘Let me know if you need any more help , and you can give me a call .


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