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66 Series Battery Covers

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How are the battery covers on a 66 Series tractor supposed to fit? My covers want to slide off to the outside of the battery and wont stay in place. Is there supposed to be a spacer in between the battery and the cover?


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Original IH Battery covers fit over the edge.

The after market ones fit on top.

Problem with this is the battery acid will eat away at the paint.

I found this fix on the forum a while back.

Weld an angle iron in as shown.

It worked on our late dad's 1066

Than the cover will hang over the edge a bit and the battery acid won't get to the paint.



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I ended up drilling 3 holes equal distance across the back straight edge of each cover. I then cross connected high tension adjustable rubber bungee cords to the covers and placed a 3/4" piece of wood strip on top of the battery to make them level, tightened the wing nuts down and seems to work perfectly.

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