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Taper-Loc Spindles


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Down here we have a lot of "Southern Belles" with welded arms on the spindles. Are taper-locs worth the hype or would you stick with regular spindles and arms. Thanks for any reviews.

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I will only buy taper locks. Used them for a few tractors over the years after the welded ones snapped at the seal area

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If the tractor has a loader on it do not install taper mate. I have broke 10-12 over the years on 2 tractors, and that's not an exaggeration. Maybe I'm too rough on them but I spent big $'s going back to OEM and haven't broken on since. Got taper mate from Abilene, Hy-Cap, All-State, they are all the same.

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2 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

I see a guy on facebook who slots the arms in front, drills a 1/2" hole through the tab, and clamps them on. Says no problems. I'm considering trying that on my 1586.

You mean like these?

These are all I run. Cures the problem for sure.

Readily available from Hy-Capacity.



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When I ran the salvage yard we tried the taper lock. They didn't hold up. The upright broke at the snap ring. If you can get to the spindle before it is welded I use JB weld to fill in the worn spindle and arms splines

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