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Mechanical tach on inline pump dt466


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Trying to help a neighbor brain storm ideas for making his tach/hour meter work on his 1066. He got the engine out of a 1480 combine that had the 466 with the inline injection pump on it. The original 414 had the mechanical tach drive on the front cover and the 466 just has a plain cover there with no provision for a drive gearbox. Was there engines out there that used mechanical drive tachs with the inline? Any insight is appreciated 


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Had the same problem with the truck DT360 in the 756. There is no combination of parts that will allow the tachometer drive to work with the inline pump. Swap covers but there is nothing inside to drive the tach.

What we did was install an alternator with a tach drive. Needed a 2:1 speedometer reducer to get the tach to read right but it worked well for a long time. Right now it's not working for some reason. Works fine without the reducer (but reads 3000 rpm at 1500) and the reducer feels fine but with the reducer installed, the tach is dead.

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There is a combination of factory parts that can help give you a tach drive on a 300/400 series with an inline injection pump.  These pictures are from a friend of mine, he doesn't frequent this forum, or Facebook.  This is on his DT360 repowered 706.  I'll share the text he sent me, because I can't entirely explain it.

I believe this tach drive is from a 460 diesel.  Here's a pic of the outside.  I had to machine the housing so it'd drove off the other side of the worm gear to get correct direction of rotation.  Used 1/2" key stock to make my hold downs.  And on the injection pump hub nut, I stacked up three half inch nuts to extend it out and make my driver with.

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