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Coolant for combine and tractors

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2166 combine and several 400 series IH engines need a coolant change. I have a bunch of 4071 napa coolant filters, so I wanted to buy regular green antifreeze without additives as the filters have the additives in them. I posted this on Ag Talk, and most replies said to not use regular antifreeze, but get HD antifreeze that is pre charged. Am I better off getting the pink HD napa antifreeze and buying the 4070 filter with no additive, or using the regular green (automotive) antifreeze with the 4071 filter?



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Use John deere 50-50  premix I use that in everything now its already got conditioner in it


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Been using the green antifreeze and the filter with conditioner since the filters were introduced back in the seventies with no issues😃

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If you are diligent with maintenance and change the filters and coolant when needed the green will work fine.  If that job always gets pushed to the bottom of the list I would go with something with the conditioner already it.  If you are changing from green to something else flush out good with water first.  If you have gotten along well with green I see no reason to change.  

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Use the green std antifreeze and use the correct filter with conditioner. Then change the filter with conditioner as recommended. 

Antifreeze doesn't go bad in terms of losing it ability to not freeze..

It looses it's corrosion inhibitors and gets contaminated.

The filter with conditioner will maintain the conditioner level to inhibit corrosion and filter out contaminants. 



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