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1566 Progress

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If you get on Amazon there is self adhesive heat shielding.  Cheap and easy to use.  Comes is sheets you can trim and make it fit nicely to the inside of the tin work.  The tractor would have had something similar originally.

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On my 1466, I used a cheap turbo blanket I found online plus some header wrap material to wrap the exhaust elbow.  I still work this tractor pretty hard from time to time and the pump is turned up pretty far.  I painted it in 2018 and this set-up has worked out really well for me.  If I remember correctly, the size of turbo blanket I chose was just labeled "T3".


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Looks great ! Thank You I ended up with some shielding that is labeled for 2000 Degrees  stuck on the side shield similar to factory .I have a blanket like that as well if i see any sign of distortion it will go on as well .Fall pasture clipping or a Plowday only work this one may do .Thank You again !

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40 minutes ago, Vanstractors said:

Thank You Guys !!

Don't you have a few more restored black stripes?   I expect a group photo lol.  

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