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Dad passed on ( not sad it was a blessing)


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My sincere condolences.

It’s never easy losing a parent or a child. You can be the complete opposite of what kind of person your parents were, or you can be the mirror image of them. The legacy they left behind is present in their children, in you as much as your siblings. 
Your parents might have been hard, they might have been S-O-B’s but they did what they could do to raise you. Some of this is ingrained  from their upbringing, some of this is purely upon their own self worth.

In life as well as in death, we’re taught to honor our parents. Some of those parents aren’t worthy of praise. Some of those parents the praise we give isn’t nearly enough.

We must take the good with the bad and learn from it. Strengthen your resolve, or learn to let it slide off your back as if raindrops…

I am eternally thankful for my Mom and the strength and wisdom. Respect and ethics that she instilled in her children. 
Sorry isn’t enough Dale. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of mourning.


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God bless you and your family.  Lost my dad 22 years ago.

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