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Sickle Grinding Stones


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thats why my farm shop has a metal lathe 

if I need a special tool for a project I can make it like a punch for rivets [had a really good mentor]

as for sharpening stones,,havent found any up here yet [still looking]

I use a dewalt cordless grinder and a 4  1/2'' cutting wheel

I run the M at 1/2 power in second gear and it does a fine job cutting



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Here are some sicke section tools I have had for years.



Rivet-Eze II. Was sold by the John Day Co in Omaha.  May still be available. The left side has a punch to remove the rivet.  The right side has a sleeve to clamp the section against the bar and hold the rivet.  The center countersink “punch” is used to set the rivet.  Is used to replace sections without removing the sickle from the machine.




Davies 119-3/4 rivet buster on top.  A one sided chisel to remove rivet heads.  Davies 215-1/4 rivet set on bottom.  Has a countersunk hole in end to form the rivet top.  See next picture.


The Davies brand is hard to find.  Do not remember where I got them.


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Many ways to get the job done, I have used most of them. If you have the knife out of the header the Johnson tool is hard the beat. But a good vice and a hammer you can get sections real fast as well. No matter how you get sections off removing the rivet is the biggest job. 


I have a Rivet Eze , but the punch part is easy to break.  Gave up replacing it. Have replaced a lot of sections in the field with chisel and hammer and hydraulic jack. Support knife with jack after removing the guard. Chisel the rivet head off, punch the rivet out.  Put rivet in support with jack hammer the rivet. The Rivet Eze does give a very neat looking crimp, but who looks that close a rivet crump as long as it is tight.


But lucked into a bunch of the special bolts at some store closing that have worked good on combine and swather headers too.  In the old days when cutting hay miles from home always carried as set of spare knifes as I always ran NH with the drive on each end.

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