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Modern funeral rant/vent


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On 6/23/2022 at 10:20 PM, acem said:

A friend died too young, 45 years old, and left a good woman a widow much too young, with three teenager children. He was a good man, a big man, and the world is lesser without him. The cancer took him.

His funeral was today and it irritated me...

There was 40 minutes of pictures and video scrolling across a video monitor.

Very few words from the preacher, he didn't have time.

A grey haired man had a Mohawk.

Many teenagers at the funeral, friends of his children. Most were on their phone the whole time.

The boy in front of me was watching porn. At least he was looking at women! I wonder if my wife noticed?

Phones kept going off.

I guess I'm getting old. I remember church funerals in the hot humid Arkansas summer. Sweat pouring down your back. I'll fly away and when the saints go marching in sung along by everyone... 

Times are changing but I don't always like everything about it...



My condolences.

Sign of the times unfortunately. People can’t be bothered with showing respect. When in reality, the lack of respect reflects back on themselves and shows what kind of person they really are. 
Again, sincere condolences for the family 

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A lot of us see things that are wrong and out of place but, do we say anything to the offenders? Most will not because of various reasons and don't want to create a scene. So we go home and whine about bad behavior!. We need to stand and be counted for we will all stand before the judgement seat and give an account of what we did in life!!

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The last three that i have attended were grave side only. No funeral home involved and that's how mine will be. I have instructed my family not to give any white collar criminal gold  digging scumbag funeral home one penny. 


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Thinking back to when I was in high school, 40 years ago.

I was respectful at the few funerals I attended. However, I know alot of my classmates were not respectful in any way. I doubt they would have been respectful at a funeral.

I doubt they would have brought Hustler to a funeral though...

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