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IH 1300 Mower ????

Mark (EC,IN)

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I was mowing some roadside banks today and I noticed the mower wasn't wanting to start a couple times (sickle wouldnt take off).....seemned if I laid the bar on the ground it started better.

Anyway,  once I got it going it seemed to work fine,  I just figured the belt was a little loose and that I'd tighten it when I got back to the shop.

When I got done and was going to fold the bar over I noticed the big head deal on the back of the wobble box was actually smoking,  I spit on it and it sizzled (it was hot).  

Also the belt didn't seem loose.

Wondering where to start looking.



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Agreed with mmi. Rowse is great to deal with for those wobble drives. They bought out the patents from IH & are still making them to this day.

I almost wonder if the bearing on the pulley shaft on the wobble box is shot? There's a grease fitting between the pulley & case that often gets neglected. It's easily hidden if there's some grass wrapped around it &/or some grease.


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Rouse as far as I know makes all the wobble boxes for all the manufacturers of this type mower.  I had my head overhauled by them several years ago and was very reasonable.  Eric in service said the heads require a lot of very fine settings requiring a dial indicator to be used  lot.  At that time he told me the crankshaft if it needed to be replaced was $1000.  So any bearing damage can be costly with that unit. 

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