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Not much opportunity for pictures as my kids were far from being on their best behavior having a WWF cage match in the wagon.  I did get a sweet barrel train ride with my middle child Margaret though 😁

It took some convincing that I would fit in there and no, I couldn't feel my feet once I had to get out🤣


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1 hour ago, IHC5488 said:

Great photo, great group of guys!!

Looks like good weather and a place to be this weekend!!

Will you be joining us?

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The Clark County Museum was nice enough to open up for show goers this evening. Nice place featuring local history of all kinds. Big thanks to them for allowing us to visit. 









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Also very nice to meet new people. Lots of forum people at the meet up today. Put faces with several names/handles. Once we all got over staring at each other like kids at a jr high school dance many people chatted for a good long time. Always nice to make new old friends. 😊

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19 minutes ago, Ihfan4life said:

He told me he wasn’t going…?

Me too. I told him that there should be a picnic....

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2 hours ago, Sledgehammer said:

A couple from a vendor. I didn’t even look at prices. 



Yeah I saw these, I about had a heart attack when I saw some of these prices earlier lol

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On 6/22/2022 at 9:28 PM, jeeper61 said:

Thanks for Sharing great pics 

This is tough looking 


And so is this 



That 1468 is even more of a monster in person

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On 6/22/2022 at 11:30 PM, KWRB said:

Are all the parts of that 240 correct? I dare say I might never have seen one, as weird as that sounds.

I didn’t look too close at it but the sign on it said prototype 

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11 hours ago, Sledgehammer said:

Couple of Aussie built machines in here. 












that of  IH tractors from downunder look a bit familiar 😂

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7 hours ago, 885 said:

What Detroit is in that 560? Is it a 3-53? Curious where they got a bellhousing adapter 

I did not look that close. Will Check it out closer today if I get a chance. It did have 18.4/38’s on the rear and the largest fronts I’ve ever seen on a 60 series. The builder did a nice job on it. 

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