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A little girl needs prayers

Alan Dinan

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I don’t know these people, my wife saw this on LinkedIn. We’ve added them into our prayers 🙏🏻


I am at a loss for words. I woke up this morning fully expecting that today would be another busy, but completely normal day. 6 month old baby Charlotte had an appointment with an ophthalmologist this morning to determine what the cause of her crossed eyes is, an appointment that we scheduled two months ago. 

I got to the appointment with all three of my daughters in tow. After the doctor analyzed her eyes she sent us up to Primary Children’s hospital in Salt Lake City to get an ultrasound on her eyes because she saw some irregularities that she wanted to have checked out. 

I drove the half hour to get there, and Stuart left work early to meet me at the hospital and walked in right as the ultrasound was underway. I held baby Charlotte to me while turned away from the screen to allow the doctor to get the image. Stuart looked at the screen and said “whoa, that’s big”. 

And my heart dropped. 

They discovered a cancerous tumor behind her left eye and partially into her right eye called Retinoblastoma that is causing her not to be able to straighten her eyes out. I didn’t know what to think. 

A million questions and emotions poured through me as I tried to get a mental handle on the situation. I’m still trying. I’m still in shock. I still don’t know what to do or what to think. They discussed a need for an MRI to confirm the diagnosis and determine the full scope of the cancer and if it has spread to other parts of her little body. 

They discussed treatment options which include chemotherapy and surgery. They explained to us that the team of experts for this particular condition is located in Phoenix and we will need to get there as quickly as possible to begin treatment. I still don’t feel like I have a grasp on the situation, and I don’t know what the short term and long term looks like for Charlotte, Stuart, my family or for myself. 

But I do know that the most important favor that I can ask from any of you is to send a sincere prayer to our Father in Heaven and ask him to make it all okay, whatever that might look like. Prayer works, prayer is real, and prayer will help myself and my family get through this. Please pray for baby Charlotte. ❤️

— Charlottes Mom

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Praying for her and her family 

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