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782 cub cadet

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Purchased 782 cub cadet for my son, I grew up on a 582,682 and 982 wanted him to experience it for himself….got it home, changed fuel, fuel filter, cleaned carb, air filter, put c foam in it, changes condenser after it runs for 30 min or gets warm starts sputtering and loses power….I can let it sit for a min it will start back up but be right back to sputtering. Let it sit for ten min and it will run for a few…. Didn’t want to spend the 300.00 for the coil bought a 35 dollar one on Amazon, worked great for one hour but right back to the sputtering….wondering if spending the 300.00 will solve the problem…


any suggestion greatly appreciated…

IH fan 

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2 hours ago, snoshoe said:

Check valve clearance. 

My bet is on snowshoe!    Had this happen to me.   Lost a lot of hair over it.   Valve clearance is tight, it warms up and expands and gets tighter and valves don’t seal and causes a miss or stumble.  

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Also check for correct heat range on the spark plugs.

 Too hot a plug will detonate the intake charge, causing sputtering, backfiring and such.

 engine will run fine until a good load it thrown upon it.

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Fuel flow to carb.....plugged tank vent, tank screen, fuel filter, etc.

Does pulling out the choke help keep it from dieing?  Do you hear a hiss if you open the fuel cap?

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