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Farmall H Tapered Bolster Spacer

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I am putting the H back together back together after paint and cant find much info on this spacer. It is not in the parts book but what I can find says it's for making steering with cultivators easier or to reduce front end shake. The tractor at one point had cultivators from the left over parts but they're long gone. The tractor is now only a show tractor with maybe a parade or tractor ride every so often. 


Should I re install the spacer? 4th 5th will be the only gears it will probably be using so low speed steering isn't as big of an issue as high speed shake. If its better to re install then which way should it go? Thanks

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this wedge was an aftermarket piece to reduce the front end angle for easier steering. It matched the angle that IH used on the  super  H and M series.

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The spacer for an H should have 5/8" bolt holes, a 4" square bolt pattern, (Center to Center) and the thin part of the wedge goes forward.

The M wedge has 3/4: bolt holes and either a 4 1/8 or 4 1/4 bolt pattern.

I think they also said it was supposed to help take the front end wobble out in road gear.

These are after market.

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