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TD7E dozer "Oil Cooler hose"

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I have found the problem.  One of the hoses running to the oil cooler has exploded.  I couldn't even wiggle the thing to see where it was attached.  Had to halfway remove the radiator to see what looks like an engine mounting bracket with a "notch" in it to assist in hose removal.  The destroyed hose was the "hot oil" line coming from the transmission.  The closest I get to a "point of attachment" is from a cooling system schematic in the service manual.  But this is only a schematic.  The hoses running back toward the transmission are packed so tight (and may have tie downs) I can't see exactly where this hose attaches to the transmission.  I'd rather not just start pulling hoses to find the dead one.  It's been disconnected from the oil cooler end but if I wiggle it, I can't see anything moving back by the transmission.  The diagram is useless for an exact location and there are no pictures.  Can somebody please tell me the best way to find that connection point?  Is it accessable from under the operator floor plate or from beneath the transmission well below the operators seat?  Is there something else I should check while I'm in there doing this?   

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This is out of the parts manual for the 100C, loader version of the TD7C, it should help you out and give you an idea on where the hoses go. Hose # 3 goes into the torque converter housing, hose # 8 goes to a filter, I believe they did away with that filter on the later tractors. Do you have a parts book for your tractor? Page 7-32 is the plumbing at the torque converter, hose # 39 is connected to the filter # 48 which is connected to hose # 8 on page 6-4. 




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