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Something for ""just Dave " !!

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Dave  ....sometime back you asked about  the Case trackloader I had..or specifically why I liked it so much...Well. for 79 reasons I couldn't remember on  what topic , this query came up....thus as it is a very bleak Saturday afternoon .down under....and further, as I had been digging out a culvert "head'  (with 21 ton excavator...)  earlier  this day...and upon getting out of the machine , I went arse over kite and involuntarily immersed part of myself into the turgid mess of mud and cold water......mainly the lower half.....

So I called it quits for the day...and came back to camp....a shower  (very hot )...and fire is going....nice cup of tea..life is good again....

I had several old International track loaders, as befits the budding earth moving contractor..these old girls were based on ther British   TD  6 ..or the  BTD8...  They were ok, old, even back then, but not the ''ship wreck on tracks''  as we often see on this site...  All direct start diesels....but all had lost that first flush of youth... Fortunately , I had yet to lose that...and armed with initially a Diesel Mechanic Brother...and my own knowledge from learning to weld, properly, via the local Caterpillar Dealership...working on worn out undercarriage from D2 /TD6/ Cletrac  and  a  few British  Crawlers..up to HD 21  / D8 etc ... plus fabrication...we were set  for this  earth moving business....

The British built International  crawlers   seemed to have this inherent fault of crown  wheel and pinion  failure....our first BTD 8, brought ''pre owned''   and very low hours came with a tooth or three missing off the crown wheel...so it required the first 'matched set''....replacement..plus the usual drama to fit the new parts... The BTD8 track loader,when it also required the oblgatory crown wheel ...and pinion replacement,  was a major effort to get at its bowels, with all that loader frame around  the back end etc..You needed a contortionist on the staff... The loaders performed ok....all had  4in1 buckets

..so when it came to replace the IH , I had the opportunity to purchase a Case 850 ...at the time a current model, low hours, it was a 'repo''  as I recall... It was an ideal size, being totally legal on a 6x4 truck..yet heavier that the BTD8...and it proved an excellent machine..  Its travel speed was quite something...and the engine although just 301 cubes was a  real  performer..It eventually did several thousand hours, with the only negative feature, the track  sprocket and chain wear was rather savage...due entirely to track speed and the instant turns via two very short control levers ...set up  in the middle of floor platform....One could just use the left hand..to work both directional shifts...brilliant system...and this let the right hand control the Four in One... and the other loader functions...

It had no peer when it came to shifting slips, on forestry roads...because of its tight  maneuverability.it  could out perform a similar size  930 Cat or 55B   Michigan  (I know , we had both..)..and then , one could groom up the carriage way,using the four in one, in the 'open' position...  In that era, the Forest Service gave  us untold work

Now , when the 955 / 977    Cat operators of that era read this..they will scoff..but the only advantage those aforesaid machines would have over the 850 Case..or 1150 Case..is that they would outlast  them..but they were slow and heavy by comparison...You could do magic things with the four in one bucket.....Just about  impossible to get  stuck on the worst  bush road...  even when 'road lining'

Case was heading to a job, on the back of a friends International  6x4...He was stung by a bee..lost concentration for a  second or two...and rolled the whole outfit  into the Motueka River..Driver survived...truck and loader didn't...

Don't have many pics of Case, on this format...The BTD 8  pictured in the swamp is not ours...but ours was  identical  The Case under the slip is  the result of diminished cognitive ability...the bloke that was responsible for that ...normally drove a truck.....I rest my case   (A pun, Dave...)


post-157-1158221230  case1910.jpg

post-157-1161841105  Z125.jpg




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On 6/17/2022 at 11:32 PM, mike newman said:


Thanks Mike, Funny you mention the crown gear, I found a tooth and a few chips during a recent three clutch overhaul of my 150B. Luckily it was poor housekeeping from a former owner, my set looked perfect. 

Your wealth of knowledge on this old equipment is like gold to an amateur Operator like me. Really most of my training came from pulling up to sites and watching an efficient Operator. Being a Machinist I seem to have a knack for stopping before I push past the yield point.

I never have been one to go to the gym, I'd rather work out during my regular work day, so I don't begrudge pulling all those levers on my old Drott but I got to say when I get the rare occasion to run something newer, it does tend to make me purrr a little.

Just a thought Mike has anyone ever tried a roller chain type track chain?? I never thought much of that roller pins arrangement that Cat came up with for their bucket pins. I re-line bored a few of those track loaders because of broken pins.  Any way thanks for the wisdom.


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