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Caseih 5240 three point locked


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Our 5240 has no three point controls working inside the cab.

We've had problems like this for many years when someone uses the rear fender buttons to control the three point. After using the outside controls it locks out the inside controls. Can no longer reset the blinking light with the in cab three point toggle switch. 

I have replaced the 5 way toggle switch in the cab, the three relays inside the right console and checked the grounds on the fender. 

Anyone had & solved similar issues???20220615_072642.thumb.jpg.135d958174a0bb8cf3c3ce4e9d0da913.jpg20220615_072700.thumb.jpg.a544880ad66dbc88ce589d09b9031e08.jpg20220615_072711.thumb.jpg.8a624bed9ce33a72ee03eea86ee4806f.jpg

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The rear remote mounted switches ground the control relay. Starting at left side the ground goes thru each switch on terminals 0 & 01, then over to right side thru the same terminals and finally to the hitch control relay in console. The last switch you test will probably be the bad one, or at least that's my luck!

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incidentally this happened to a neighbor,friday

can hear cab switch  and LR activating but nothing happens. if you bounce around in field will work in spurts.

He's not mechanical so stealer,is bringing new solenoids to install....?

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