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Farmall Sleeve Piston #: 357803r91, 357805-r1, 8681-DB, 5K5

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Here are the numbers that I can find off these sleeve piston kits. Supposedly they are for a SuperMD/MTA. He only has 3 so I would need a 4th but have only seen diesel pistons that are flat top with a bowl near the center.


Does anyone know what they fit or if I can even find a 4th to have a matching set?


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Without double checking I would say that is for a SM gas.  IH pistons for a D-264 and D-281 start with the number 2.  May have guessed wrong, could be a 5000 altitude for a C-248. 

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15 hours ago, LipRipper3006 said:

4in bore but the pistons are long and the liners are thick.

If for a D-264 4 inch bore the IH piston number would be 264320R1 or higher suffix number.  Or if going to thin wall sleeves the piston number is 277071R1.  One sleeve assembly 264338R96 for 4 1nch bore. 277077R91 for 4.125 bore.  Sleeve, pistons, pin and rings.  Hard to find.

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